Photos by Nick Green & Antonio Logan

SEMA 2017: Las Vegas Convention Center – 10/31 to 11/3

The SEMA Show is when the whole automotive industry comes together to showcase what they have coming next year. This show is great because it is so diverse; there are sports cars, trucks, jeeps, motorcycles and so much more. SEMA has a full convention center full of new shiny parts <3.  There is so much to see that you need some time after to digest everything that is there.

What you have to know about the SEMA show is the quality is top-notch. The best of the best –  the builds have so much time and effort put into them and every detail is flawless, right down to the wiring, tires, door jams, paint, headlights and spotless engine bays. These cars appear as though they don’t ever get driven (and some of them don’t ) but one of the best parts about the SEMA show is the rollout on the last day. You get to see all these cars leave the convention center and head over to the after-party show down the street at Ignite. These perfect, polished builds pushing out the exhaust and occasionally burning rubber is a real sight to see.

Pro-tip: you don’t even have to have a pass to the SEMA Show to see this. There were plenty of random people that stopped to watch. Right place, right time!

As far as who goes to the SEMA show, the list goes on and on. Basically anyone who sells stuff in the car industry.  Some of our favorite booths included Ford, Accuair, Vossen, Airrex, Liberty Walk, Toyo Tire Tread Pad, and Ace Alloy Wheels. All the booths were visually amazing and there are a couple brands that are taking booth design to the next level, like Vossen.

The following coverage is presented by Thirdworld media team members Nick Green and Antonio Logan. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to see more of their photos – @nick.admedia @logan_photography_

We are very grateful to get the opportunity to go to the SEMA show. They always push the boundaries and bring together the culture in an authentic way. We can not wait to cover SEMA 2018.

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